A wake up call for child abuse

By Staff
Melissa Cason, FCT Writer
I was able participate in this year's Walk-a-Mile for a Child, which was held Friday, to help bring child abuse awareness to our community.
Franklin County had 35 walkers participate in the event, which is a record for our county.
The walk is a yearly event in which participants follow the path of a victim to bring about awareness to stop the violence.
The event is also a way Safeplace, Inc. can raise money to fund their many programs that benefit victims of domestic violence.
According to national statistics, each week Child Protective Services throughout the U.S. receive more than 50,000 reports of suspected child abuse or neglect. An average of nearly four children die every day as a result of child abuse or neglect in our country.
Parents have the ultimate responsibility to love, protect, teach and discipline their children. Parents should feel blessed to have been given these responsibilities by God. Children need love and acceptance from their parents, not anger, hatred or violence.
April is child abuse awareness month. I encourage everyone to become aware of what's going on in the community. If you suspect child abuse and neglect, contact the authorities immediately.
If you are a victim of abuse or know someone who is, tell someone: a teacher, a friend, or contact the police immediately. If you are an abuser, get help for the sake of your children. It's never too late to change your behavior. Many feel that child abuse is a family problem, but it's a community's problem. No form of child abuse is acceptable.