Voluntary recall shows Sunshine's strong goodwill

By Staff
Sunshine Mills voluntarily recalled a portion of its brand label dog biscuits made at its Red Bay plant during part of March 2007 yesterday.
We urge all pet lovers to look closely at the recall list published on page three of today's Franklin County Times. If you find one of the products in question in your pet treat supply, return it for something else and monitor your dog closely for the next several days.
No dog illnesses or deaths have been reported in connection to Sunshine's products and it is important to note this was a voluntary recall. The company made the decision to step forward in the best interest of their customers and their pets.
This situation was brought on by no fault of Sunshine Mills. Contaminated wheat gluten from one of their suppliers raised the red flag. The Red Bay based company had no control over that but chose to issue the recall anyway.
While issuing a recall of this size was not a decision Sunshine Mills' executives took lightly, it shows that the company wants to maintain the reputation as a quality pet food manufacturer it has earned over the years. The steps taken show the company cares more about the health and happiness of their customers and pets rather than focusing only on the bottom line of profit, and that is commendable. Sunshine's products are 100 percent guaranteed. Customers can receive a full refund by returning the products back to the place of purchase.
A list complete list of the recalled products can be found by visiting their website at www.sunshinemills.com or by calling customer service at 800-705-2111. We applaud Sunshine for taking these steps to help ensure the health and happiness of the pets that enjoy their products.