Faith Mission in need of new van

By Staff
Rebecca James, Franklin County Times
Faith Missions Outreach helps an average of 1800-2000 people a week in the Franklin County area.
Now, the mission needs a little help back from the very people they serve on a daily basis.
"We were driving to Memphis to pick up our bread as we usually do, " said FMO director Matthew Mangino, "and on the way back, our van just died."
The van is used primarily to help with deliveries and pick-ups of items for the underprivileged people of the community such as food, clothing, and in some cases, small furniture.
"It was a major blow to the mission." Said Mangino, "We use that van for a little bit of everything."
Employees are having to make do by using the two bread trucks owned by the mission.
"God has been faithful to us here at the mission." Said Mangino, "For now, we're just trying to find a good mechanic."