An ace in the hole

By Staff
Rebecca James, Franklin County Times
Golden Tiger Tennis player Tyler Malone has accomplished something rare by going undefeated all season in both singles and doubles.
Malone is proud of his accomplishments this season.
"I felt really good when I found out I was undefeated in singles and doubles," Malone said.
Malone, a 10th grader, has been on the tennis team since 7th grade.
"I got interested in tennis from the very first time I played it," said Malone, "It was fun, and I have been playing ever since."
Russellville tennis coach Jimmy Rea can't help but to be proud of his team member.
"Tyler's had a really good year this year. He went undefeated all year, not only in single but in doubles as well," Rea said.
Malone hopes to continue playing tennis throughout high school, and even has plans to continue playing in college.
"If I can get a good scholarship, I hope to continue playing in college."
Tyler is the son of Michael and Paula Malone.