Our thanks to 2007 Relay

By Staff
Jason Cannon, Franklin County Times
Friday night, and part of Saturday morning, hundreds of Franklin County residents braved the occasional drizzle to participate in the 2007 Relay for Life.
Relay for Life is an annual worldwide fundraiser designed to help find cures for cancer.
It may not sound like it's possible: That a few hours of fun could make strides toward knocking out the world's number one killer.
But it's definitely possible. In fact, it's an undeniable truth.
It's going to take money, and lots of it, to find a cure for cancer.
If that one solution won't cure all kinds of cancer, it will take millions of more dollars to find another cure.
Finding a cure for cancer is a step by step process. It's a million mile march that is nowhere near complete, but the journey is part of the path to victory.
Every dollar pumped into Relay is another step toward our overall goal. Whether you walked with a survivor, walked in memory of a victim, lit a candle or just volunteered you became part of the Army in the war on cancer.
Your efforts did not go unnoticed. It may take many more years, but the day we can declare the world cancer free is coming. Just think, 20 years ago a cancer diagnosis was a death sentence. Modern treatments have been developed that prolong the life of cancer patients and treat and cure the disease in many cases.
Relay for Life is responsible for much of the success we've already enjoyed so far and will be vital to future successes.