Taxes: Popular to talk about unpopular topic

By Staff
Jason Cannon, Franklin County Times
It would appear, with little to no support from the cities of Red Bay and Russellville, that the likelihood of Franklin County facing a 1-cent sales tax increase is a very slim possibility.
Hooray for the taxpayers, right?
Well, at what cost?
Is it worth 1-cent more per $100 to attract a plant that could supply 50, 100, 150, maybe even 200 jobs?
Is it worth 1-cent more per $100 to provide a little extra funding for our fire departments or schools?
Is it worth 1-cent more per $100 to help secure a brighter economic future for the citizens and students of Franklin County?
To some it is. To others, it's not.
Taxes are awful. No one likes them and it's the first thing most people question when it comes to government spending. But, if you went to public school or drive on a paved road, that's your taxes at work.
When our lawmakers pass or kill a bill, that's our tax dollars at work. A 1-cent sales tax for economic development could have attracted businesses that would have provided higher paying jobs and increased property values across the county – meaning that 1-cent per $100 spent could have come back to taxpayers 10 fold. Franklin County can survive without this tax, but measure the difference between survival and prosperity carefully.