New Judge Moore deserves the

By Staff
county's support
The Governor has made is decision and Barry Moore has been named as our new Probate Judge.
Connie Green was surely the county-wide favorite and it would have been fitting to see another Green in the probate office, but Riley decided to go in another direction.
Regardless of his choice, Riley could not give the county and its administrators what they really wanted: To have Mike Green leading county. All of the commissioners are willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work with the new judge and commission chair and we ask that Franklin County citizens go into Moore's tenure with an open mind, too.
Moore, 41, is a lifelong resident of Russellville and said he looks forward to continuing Mike Green's work.
The County Commission is in the middle of several big projects, which include getting the new jail – aptly named for the departed Judge Green – and the fight against litter.
Now that the question who will follow in Green's footsteps has been answered, it's time to get down to business.
We are confident that Moore will prove to be an effective leader for Franklin County because he has its residents at heart, and that makes a difference.
While no one will be able to fill Green's shoes in our county and in our hearts, we are pleased that the appointment went to someone who truly wants to make Franklin County a better place to live and to work.