After 38 years, principal retires

By Staff
Rebecca James, Franklin County Times
Russellville Elementary School Principal Joe Pride will retire at the end of the school years after 38 years as a teacher and an administrator.
Pride originally came to the Russellville area in 1969, and has spent 27 of the 38 years he has taught as a principal.
He spent several years at College Avenue and at the high school before coming to Russellville Elementary.
"People can only do this job as long as I have when they have good people to work for and with." said Pride, "Living in a good community like Russellville also helps."
Pride's retirement was announced Thursday at the Russellville City School board meeting, and came as a surprise to most.
"I really don't like to be in the limelight, I thought I would just slip in and slip out." Pride said, with a laugh. "I'm sure there will be days after I retire that I will get in the car and start heading towards the school."
One of the things Pride will miss most about his job will be the people he works with.
"Russellville Elementary has been a wonderful place to work." said Pride, "I will really miss the people that I have worked for and with over the years."
One of the things Pride will miss least about the job is having to be confined all day.
"It's hard having to be in a set place all day." Pride said.
Although Pride isn't exactly sure what he plans to do after his retirement, he knows that he will enjoy it.
"I have been taking a real estate course, and I hope to spend some time outside in my garden." Pride said.