Teachers, enjoy your summer

By Staff
As the school year ends, we usually hear about the happiness of the students who are embarking on a break. However, there is another group of people who we are sure happily embrace the summer's freedom.
Those people are teachers. Franklin County's teachers dedicate their time, energy, and lives from August to May with the goal of furthering the education and development of their students. Much of their hard work goes unseen. Their goal is to make sure that their students have the opportunity to grasp all that the education system has to offer.
Without teachers, where would we be? Most major professions require a teacher at some point. We would be without many of the jobs that are relied upon everyday to keep society functioning smoothly. We also would find ourselves ignorant about much of our world.
When asked to think of a favorite teacher, everyone can probably immediately pinpoint in their minds a person who permanently influenced their lives through the gift that the teacher brought to the classroom. Every school year, teachers are given new canvases to mold into the bright, optimistic minds of tomorrow's leaders. They act as mentors to many of the young people who may not find a positive influence in any other place.
We commend Franklin County's teachers for a job well done this school year. We also encourage them to enjoy their summer break to its fullest.
They've worked hard and deserve it.