Look at what can happen in little ole Franklin County

By Staff
"How It's Made" is a television program produced in Quebec, Canada by Productions MAJ Inc.. It is broadcast in English on Discovery Channel Canada and in French on Zt/l/.
The program is also broadcast in the United States, the UK, Italy and Poland.
Monday, a film crew will be in Russellville to give those millions and millions of viewers a look at what goes on inside Desa Fmi, LLC.
The show walks through the processes by which products are manufactured, and in FMI's case that would be gas fire logs.
Each half-hour show has four segments, with each product getting five minutes.
For those five minutes, Franklin County – tucked away in the northwest corner of Alabama – will become one of the most famous counties in the world.
It's an interesting feeling: knowing that when the program airs, millions of people will get to see something we've grown accustomed to seeing every day.
Congratulations to Fmi for garnering such a reputation in the manufacturing business that when someone calls looking for an interesting story, you're one of the ones that come to mind.
It's a huge pat on the back for the company: To be recognized in front of a worldwide audience for doing a job well.
We're proud of you and we look forward to you making your television debut.