Amnesty offered in bad check cases

By Staff
Jason Cannon, Franklin County Times
If you know, or suspect, you have issued a bad check to a local business, you have about three weeks to make them good.
Franklin County law enforcement and the District Attorney's office will conduct a bad check round up June 28 and 29, arresting residents with warrants for issuing bad checks.
"We'll have law enforcement officers from every agency in the county out all night and all day those two days," Summer Barnes, Coordinator for Franklin County's Worthless Check Unit, said.
People who have outstanding warrants for their arrest have the opportunity to contact the district attorney's office before those two days and avoid going to jail.
"If people will contact us, we can work with them and they can avoid a lot of problems," she said, "but on June 28, the amnesty is over and the police will handle it."
If you have any questions about the amnesty period, or would like to clarify a bad check, please contact Barnes at 332-8874.