Heed the warnings put forth by local and state officials

By Staff
It would appear that the State of Alabama has spoiled a lot of people's fun by telling residents they cannot shoot fireworks in the wake of July 4, due to the severe drought that has the state in its grip.
It's a tradition that fireworks be launched on several occasions, but the Fourth of July is the king of firework festivities. This announcement will surely put a damper on many local parties and gatherings, but not as big of a dampers as sparking a multi-acre woods fire, or burning down someone's house.
Under these drought conditions, the risk of a home fire or grass fire is very great. The conditions right now are virtually at their peak regarding major fires.
There's no moisture in the ground and little to no moisture left in trees, meaning all standing timber is little more than a candle in the way of a fire. We urge each of you to heed the warning of local firemen and police officers, and not spark your fireworks until the ban is lifted.