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Hoe Down one of many successful things in county

By Staff
A thunderstorm may have swept through Franklin County Friday afternoon, but it couldn't dampen the spirits at Phil Campbell's annual Hoe Down.
Of course it helped that it blew through by the time the festivities began but by Friday night, the grills and smokers were lit for the bar-be-que contest and by Saturday morning, the cars were rolled out for the car show, the children were piling on the rides and the streets were full of people having a blast.
By the time August rolls around, the Watermelon festival is on the tip of everyone's tongue. However, that's just one of the great festivals this county has to offer.
Look at Red Bay's year-long centennial celebration.
The Hoe Down, the party Franklin County throws for Relay for Life, Founders Day and all the Fun Fests sponsored by local churches and police departments.
You tend to find festivities like these in small communities and counties, like Franklin.
It's easier to get the community to rally around them, but truth be told, people in a small community embrace them much easier.
It's an opportunity to reminisce with the people we went to high school with, those we haven't seen in a while for us all to have a good time together. Thank you Phil Campbell and organizers of this year's Hoe Down, for bringing us all a little closer together