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Transition to school can be frightening

By Staff
At one time or another, each and every one of us was dropped off for our first day at kindergarten.
Our reactions to this milestone in our lives varied.
Some of us walked right in, picked out our cubby and were happy to have a fresh box of crayons.
For others, it was a shock to the system like none we've experienced since.
As simple as it may sound, a child's first day of school can be tough.
Mom and Dad are not there and it's probably a little more stuctured than most day care and pre-school programs.
Even the most adjusted pre-school graduate can have trouble with their new teacher.
Unlike a pre-school, the child's kindergarten teacher is an unfamiliar face.
The transition program being installed at West Elementary School is a major step in helping children adjust sooner and better to their new environment.
It's takes a lot of thinking outside the box to incorporate a program like this in a school, but it can make a student's life so much easier.
And the extended contact period with the parents can save some tears from the grown ups who are watching their "little ones" grow up as well.