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The power to provide help for those in need

By Staff
Every school year, local families are unable to provide their children with the school supplies and preparation needed for a successful start to the school year.
That's where Give a Kid a Chance comes in and gives you a chance to help underprivileged families.
On August 4, program coordinators will be set up in Florence at the coliseum to help a projected 1000 children in the Shoals area.
This charitable program takes a $30 donation from those willing to help, and provides these children with school supplies, hair cuts, eye exams, new clothes and many other necessities.
School is hard enough, but to begin the school year at a disadvantage makes everything even more unfair for underprivileged students.
Also, manpower is needed to help make the event a success. Volunteers and their valuable time are necessary.
We encourage all Franklin County Times readers to give to this cause if they are able. Education is important, and this program aides in leveling the playing field so that all children may have equal opportunities at a quality education.
To find out how you can help, the following are available to answer questions: Preston Jennings (765-4664), Teresa Milberger (765-0434), Patsy Starkey (710-8776), Donna Fisher (767-4124), Ron Hyde (757-1745) and Sherry Hyde (757-1745).