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Russellville making history

By Staff
Kim West, Franklin County Times
Homer Grissom's determination has paid off for Franklin County.
Grissom is a longtime resident of Franklin County and a strong supporter of local history. He was the driving force behind obtaining permission from the Alabama Department of Archives to place a historical marker in downtown Russellville.
According to Franklin County Archives Director Chris Ozbirn, the proposal for the marker required some patience.
"Homer came to me and wanted me to help write (the proposal)," Ozbirn said. "The state didn't accept it at first. We wrote it three times, and the third time was the charm."
Yesterday local officials and supporters gathered at the intersection of S. Jackson Ave. and W. Lawrence St. for the unveiling of the marker and two stone markers that commemorate the town's founder and the significance of the location, home to the first traffic light, a mounting stone and the geographical center
"This is a great example for how to preserve history for our children and grandchildren," said Sen. Roger Bedford, D-Russellville. "There aren't a lot of Homers left. He's a real treasure for the community, and he's made us love this area even more than we already did."
Grissom, who wrote "A Country Boy in Tryin' Times," said he decided to apply for the marker after a book signing at the A.W. Todd Center in 2005.
"I had about 200 people come through, and there were people asking about the county's history," Grissom said. "I didn't realize people were so interested in the heritage of this town. So Alabama Stone Company donated the stone markers, and I donated the sign to help people.
"This is a beautiful town, and I thought this would add to it."