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County Circuit Judge awards bond in drug case

By Staff
Melissa Cason, Franklin County Times
Franklin County Circuit Judge Terry Dempsey decided not to revoke a Phil Campbell woman's bond after being charged with possession of a controlled substance charges earlier this week.
Haley Michelle Mays, 26, 2015 College Road in Phil Campbell, was released on a $3,000 bond Wednesday afternoon after Judge Dempsey decided not revoke another bond for charges of willful abuse of a child and child endangerment. Defense Attorney Billy Underwood said that the fact that Dempsey did not revoke her bond shows the weakness in the states case.
"This is one of the sorriest cases brought by the District Attorney's Office in Franklin County, Alabama," Underwood said.
He continued that the new charges are a result of a personal vendetta against his client, and that the District Attorney has little or no chance of getting a conviction at trial.
"[The arresting officer] is the same officer that charged Ms. Mays and her husband in the original case, and he is the officer charging her with these charges," Underwood said. "I believe there must be a personality conflict between the two of them."
District Attorney Joey Rushing responded to Underwood's accusations by saying that the case that Mr. Underwood is referring to is an open case still being investigated by the Franklin County Sheriff's Department.
"Once the entire case file is turned into this office, it will be reviewed and turned over for grand jury determination," Rushing said. "It will then be up to the citizens of Franklin County as to whether this is a viable criminal charge."
If the grand jury decides to indict Mays on this new charge, the case will go before 12 new people before a verdict is rendered in the case, Rushing said of the judicial process.
Rushing added that his office will have no further comment until the case has been tried and a verdict is found.
Franklin County Sheriff Larry Plott was contacted for comment on a possible grudge or vendetta that Underwood alleges against his client, and he said that the department is awaiting the outcome of the case once a verdict is reached.