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Courtroom renovations include AC unit

By Staff
Melissa Cason, Franklin County Times
The large courtroom in the Franklin County Courthouse is undergoing a slight renovation this month, which will include the addition of a new air conditioning unit.
The new unit will be accompanied by new ductwork to make the room more comfortable during the summer months, Technical Project Manger Frank Hoehn said.
He added that the project has led to other minor renovations to the courtroom, including lowering the ceiling and adding a new coat of paint.
"When you start renovating older buildings, it's not uncommon for more projects to get done," Hoehn said.
The renovations began in the courtroom around July 5, but it is not known how long the renovations will be ongoing.
"We hope that it would be finished by the beginning of August, but it's hard to say for certain," Hoehn said.
He added that the completion date hinges of the arrival of the new air conditioning unit.
The next jury trial week is scheduled for mid-August, and the new unit will make the experience a little more pleasant for the jurors and the general public who choose to attend.
"We are appreciative to the county for taking steps to ensure that we have a more comfortable setting for jurors and the general public," Circuit Judge Terry Dempsey said.
Until the courtroom project is completed, court proceedings will be held in the small courtroom, which is also located on the second floor.