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Farewell and off to a well-deserved break in the action

By Staff
After nearly a quarter of a century on the beat, one Russellville police Captain David Hester will end his career with the Russellville Police Department on Dec. 31, 2007; however, he will be on annual leave and vacation until the end of the year.
Hester began his career in law enforcement as a sheriff's deputy in 1980, at the age of 19.
He joined the Russellville Police Department in 1984, and worked under four different mayors and city councils, and under three police chiefs.
Many remember him for his years of service as county coroner.
Other probably remember him as a friendly face about town.
Twenty-three years in one job is long time. Twenty-three years with the same organization is a testament to Captain Hester's dedication and capabilities.
There's no doubt that Captain Hester will be missed around the police department, city hall and throughout the law enforcement community. He's been a valued friend to this newspaper for many years and we treasure him as a person for what he;s done for the community.
While it's hard to let go sometimes, you must realize that retirements aren't just taken – they are earned.