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Eight months off the pace

By Staff
Jason Cannon, Franklin County Times
We've long since passed the halfway point in 2007 and what a fast seven months it's been.
It seems like only a few weeks ago that I was taking down our Christmas tree. Now, many local stores are getting ramped up for their Christmas sales.
Like most everyone across the world I wanted to ring in the new year with new energy. So, I did something totally uncharacteristic – I made a New Year's resolution.
My resolution was a simple one, and probably one of the most popular. I was going to eat healthier and hopefully reap the benefits, which included dropping a few pounds.
I got off to a good start and carried some good momentum into February and March. Tiffany, Lizzie and I started walking up and down our street a few times a week beginning in April.
In May, I started backsliding. By June I was getting even farther behind.
I blew July completely out of the water and August doesn't look much better.
It's not that I've given up, it's just that I found out a few things about myself. My diet is seasonal.
Unlike most people, I actually lose weight in the winter because I don't typically like what most people consider "winter foods."
I'm not a huge fan of hearty stews, stuffings, casseroles and heavy dishes in general.
However, summer foods like chicken wings, burgers and BBQ are among the finest foods in all the land.
Suzanne Languster and LaVale Mills, who supply weekly recipes to the Franklin County Times, have helped to bolster my summer diet.
I feel it's my duty to test their recipes for quality control purposes on occasion. So far, they're both batting a thousand.
Throw in some ice cream and cookies and I can pile on all my winter weight before Major League Baseball's All-Star break.
There is some salvation in sight. As August sets in, my eating habits will change. I've also made myself well aware that it's not impossible that I might explode.
I have the psychological advantage that I control what I eat and when I eat it. However, that's not an advantage I've taken advantage of lately. I can promise you that going forward I will do all that I can to get myself back on track. And if that includes not making a New Year's resolution in 2008, then so be it.