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Take advantage of a good thing

By Staff
Tonight marks the beginning of the state's the tax-free holiday for school supplies and clothing. This means that for every $100 you spend you will save approximately $8, which is a big help with the lengthy supply lists – especially if you are supplying for more than one child.
These days with the cost of everything rising due to fuel costs, there seems to be less money in our budgets.
Cities and counties in Alabama are not required to participate in the tax holiday, which means state taxes will be waived but local taxes are still applicable. Franklin County's leaders have seen the need to help local families and have passed resolutions to excuse back to school shoppers from paying the local sales taxes at the cash register.
Not paying taxes on supplies and clothing items this weekend is like an instant tax break instead of having to wait until the end of the year, and everyone should want to take advantage of it.
There is no tax on the following items: Clothing that costs $100 or less per item; school supplies and computers priced less than $750. We encourage everyone to go out and purchase their supplies during the tax free holiday in effort to save a little cash here and there, but don't forget to shop at home whenever possible.
There are plenty of local merchants that are honoring the holiday this weekend. So remember to support those you support you but be sure to hurry because the tax holiday ends Sunday night.