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Band is work as well as fun

By Staff
Melissa Cason, Franklin County Times
The RHS Marching Hundred held their annual band camp this past week to get ready for their upcoming marching band season.
I had the unforgettable experience of spending time with the band's color guard line, and what I learned was immeasurable.
Twirling a flag takes a great deal of coordination.
Couple that with having to march in the show and they have their work cut out for them.
I spent two years in band in junior high school and marched as a color guard member.
Our routines were a piece of cake compared to the complex movements I saw during last week's band camp.
I had the hardest time trying to do 200-drop spins. Now, I was once able to conquer this task but as they say, "what you don't use, you lose."
I can definitely say that I have lost my ability to correctly do a drop spin, and the drop spins are a basic element of any color guard routine.
I think it's safe to say that I would never make the cut as a Marching Hundred color guard member, but I am okay with that.
I know that perfecting moving routines takes work, and I would not have the discipline nor would I have the time to commit to such a task.
I know that these girls probably work harder than any other Marching Hundred member, but I am allergic to working out in the hot, sun all day long, which is why I am a newspaper reporter.
I know that these girls are dedicated to the band, and strive to perform the best possible show, and for that they should be saluted.
When all the other sections went inside to work on their music, the color guard members stayed in the hot, blazing sun to work on their routine. If that doesn't show dedication, I don't know what does.
Keep up the good work girls. I know you'll make your directors proud this year.