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Good luck to a hometown boy whose career is on the move

By Staff
A Franklin County native, for all intense purposes, is now in charge of managing the day-to-day operation of the Alabama Emergency Management Agency.
Governor Riley accepted the resignation of Director Bruce Baughman, clearing the way for John James who serves as Deputy Director.
Russellville's own James will assume responsibility for the agency on Aug. 11 until a replacement is named.
Having one of our sons running a statewide agency shows the potential in our county. Parents tell their children that they can do anything, and for the most part they can. James is a shining example of that fact.
James began his career as a storm spotter over 20 years ago under former Franklin County EMA Director Carol Frederick, and his colleagues agree that James earned his achievements through hard work and dedication.
While his stint as AEMA Director may be temporary, we are proud that a local resident has become successful in his field, and we hope that he will be an example to all our local children who aspire to reach goals across the county line. James is one of the candidates to take the job full-time and we wish him luck. He's well qualified for the job.