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WES parents host back to school party

By Staff
Melissa Cason, Franklin County Times
West Elementary first grade parents hosted a back-to- school party Thursday night for all of the first-grade students.
"We wanted to get the kids together so that they can get to know each other before school starts," Dawn James, parent organizer, said.
James said that the first grade class has over 200 students, and not all of the parents know each other, either.
"We only know the parents and students in our room last year," James said. "This also gives parents a chance to get to know each other."
Approximately 40 students, accompanied by a parent, attended the gathering. The group played together on the playground and was treated to snacks ranging from chips to a special back-to-school cake made by parent Beth Pounders.
"We asked all the students who attended to bring a snack and some drinks," James said.
She said that she and other parents worked hard to get the word out about the party so that everyone would have the opportunity to attend if they desired.
"I called one parent from each class using the yearbook, and asked them to call everyone they knew," James said. "We also put it in the paper to help spread the word."
In addition to the returning students, there were a few new students who opted to attend the gathering so that they could make new friends before school starts.
"Not only is this a good opportunity for returning students, this gives new, transferring students an opportunity to get to know the students and the parents," James said.
The event was completely planned and organized by the parents, and was not a school-sponsored function.
"My other son has these gatherings before school, and I thought it is only fair that my younger child has the same opportunities," James said.
The event may become a yearly event for the Class of 2018.