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Congrats to C.I.T.Y. program for its success

By Staff
The Franklin County C.I.T.Y. Program received a grant this week to purchase new computers for their reading program, and for GED prep work.
The C.I.T.Y. program is a program to help struggling students get back to into the public school system, get a job or a earn a GED. All participants must be referred by the court system, and the program is funded by the state. There are only 10 programs like it the state.
The C.I.T.Y. program gives problem kids a chance to make a change to get back on the right track.
The program also offers counseling for students and their families, and it has been successful in our county and in other places as well.
Funding programs such as this is important for its success, and for the success of the students inside the program.
It's great to see a program such as this in our community, and it's great to see the community giving back to it by way of this grant.