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I am ready for some football

By Staff
Kim West, Franklin County Times
For the last several weeks I've been all over the county, talking to coaches and players and getting their spin on what they think the next 10 weeks will hold.
Of course, several teams hope those 10 weeks last a few weeks longer – long enough to get them to Birmingham's championship games.
This will be my first year as a sports reporter for the Franklin County Times, but as a native of North Alabama I know all too well the rich football tradition and expectations that come with putting on the pads at a Franklin County school.
I'm excited to be a part of this year's football season, especially because there's so much uncertainty that comes with it.
The biggest story thus far is how RHS Coach Doug Goodwin will fare in his first season. I've gotten to know Coach Goodwin over the last few weeks and if his personal character is any indication of what's in store on the football field, the Golden Tigers will be a force to be reckoned with.
I've enjoyed the last few weeks I've spent getting to know the coaches. It's fun to sit back and watch how these men coach and groom their players.
Some are hands on. Some are in-your-face. Some are quiet but direct when they speak.
All of them have different styles but what I've seen in most of them thus far is that they are not only coaching their athletes, they are also grooming these boys as men.
You hear a lot about a certain Jefferson County school – I won't name it by name but it's been known to win a few state titles and generate some controversy.
You hear about all the coach cares about is winning. Win at all costs.
If you've been following the stories in the Birmingham News, that attitude seems to have stirred up a little trouble.
It's good to see coaches take such an interest in the players as students and as people.
They are only football players for a few hours at a time for a few months a year, but the lessons they can learn while playing that game can last them a lifetime.