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You can find big fun in some of the smallest of places

By Staff
Everywhere we look we see people taking pride in their hometown, regardless of how big or how small their town is.
Russellville recently hosted the Watermelon Festival, Vina held their July Fest in July and Red Bay's Centennial Celebration and Founder's Fest is right around the corner.
Now, Hodges is announcing their first Spirit of Hodges Festival, which will include live musical entertainment, vendors and a car, tractor and motorcycle show.
The event is set for Oct. 6, and is sure to bring people back to Hodges to celebrate its heritage.
This year Hodges turns 100 years old and, like Red Bay, the town was built around the railroad.
It is so refreshing to see citizen's taking pride in the community in which they live.
Pride is important to the success and the development of any community. If no one had pride in his or her communities, our county would be a very different place.
Everyone is encouraged to attend as many of these festivals as possible.
Don't limit yourself to one community; venture a few miles down the road to see what your neighbors have to offer. You might be surprised in what you'll find.