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Founder's Fest was a birthday blast for the history books

By Staff
The ground was a little soggy and the tress leaves were shedding a little excess water on party-goers early yesterday morning. Aside from that, Red Bay's Founder's Fest and Centennial Celebration went off without a hitch.
Planning such an event must have been a tremendous undertaking. To combine the two events into one was a stroke of sheer genius.
The efforts put forth to organize the whole event into one seamless party was impressive.
Some of the finest classic cars in our area were on display yesterday, and some of Red Bay's most heralded sons and daughters returned to see old friends and neighbors shortly thereafter. Scotty Kennedy's historical movie was phenomenal.
Football season isn't the only time old friends are welcome to get back together, but it takes the promise of a good time to be an attraction.
The bonus of Founder's Fest and the Centennial Celebration was that the city made good on that promise. A good time will make you want to come back and see what's going on. There's no way to know as of today just how many people made their way to Red Bay yesterday, but you can rest assured it was a bunch. Thanks for a job well done, Red Bay. You throw one mean party.