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Church marking good for county

By Staff
Day-trips and driving trails are an under appreciated and under publicized part of a county's tourism base.
You don't have to have a beach or some other kind of attraction to keep people for days at a time. Some of the most successful tourism sites in the nation were designed with a day's worth of fun in mind.
Things like Rock City and Ruby Falls typically take only a few hours to make your way through, however, they boom with popularity and see hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.
The Hallelujah Trail could be such an attraction for Franklin County. History buffs leap at the opportunity to get a first hand account that will let them take a trip back in time.
It will only take a few hours for most travelers to make their way though the county to see the two churches, but there are lunches to be eaten and gas to be bought while they are here.
The key to having a good tourism base is finding and publicizing the interesting and unique things about your area. The Hallelujah Trail offers that to people who just want to take a quick trip and see a few sites.