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A little shot could do a lot

By Staff
Jason Cannon
Franklin County Times
When I was a kid, I remember having to go to the doctor every so often and getting a shot for one reason or another.
Most were vaccinations required by the state, which would allow me to attend school. I went through what I suspect most would call a clumsy period where I required stitches on more than one occasion, coupled with a tetanus shot.
In all the years and all the pokings I've had, I don't remember ever getting a flu shot. Now, I'm sure I've had one, I just don't remember getting one recently – say within the last 20 years or so.
A flu vaccine reduces the average person's chances of catching the flu by up to 80 percent during flu season.
Certain people are at a greater risk of getting the flu than others. They include:
out-of-home caregivers and household contacts of anyone in any of the high-risk groups.
Aside from the brief period of time where I fell into some of the age categories, I'm not what most people consider a high risk.
For those of you who are, the Country Cottage in Russellville is offering a flu shot clinic Saturday, Oct. 13 from 1 to 4 p.m.
People with qualified Medicare Part B and not a member of an HMO will receive their flu and pneumonia shots free of charge, and the clinic will file their claims with Medicare.
The flu can be devastating for someone whose body and immune system are not equipped to ride it out. A simple shot may sting a little, but it could save your life.
For more information about the flu clinic or Country Cottage, contact Betty Chesnut at 332-4707.