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Employee spotlight: Linda Gresham

By Staff
Name: Linda Gresham
Birthday: December 20, 1946
Hometown: Halltown
High School: Vina
Position/Employer: Bookkeeper, Red Bay Piggly Wiggly
Family: Married to James Gresham; two sons; three grandchildren; one great-grandchild
FCT: Do you collect Beanie Babies?
LG: I'm not a big collector or a pack rat. The store used to sell them, so I bought a few of them – I have a pig, duck, bear and puppy.
FCT: Are you the longest-tenured employee at Piggly Wiggly?
LG: No, because I started working here in 1968, and Hilda Ledbetter was here a month or two before me. She was a full-time cashier, but now she works part-time.
FCT: What are your job duties as bookkeeper?
LG: I draft loss statements and labor reports, and I also handle the payroll and the paperwork. I do everything but the tax report every year because we have a certified public accountant that does the taxes for all three stores. My job is now full-time as the stores evolved over a period of time.
FCT:What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
LG: It's bad to say, but I'm a TV addict. I enjoy relaxing at home and watching TV. My husband is not sports-oriented, so we watch mysteries, dramas and the CSI shows. I like CSI because they can find out so many ways to solve a crime, such as DNA testing.
FCT: What do you enjoy most about your job?
LG: I enjoy working with the numbers because they always change and are never boring. I like getting the numbers to balance – it makes me happy. And the Grissoms are just good Christian people. I try to do my best here, and I enjoy working for them.
FCT: What is most challenging about your job?
LG: The greatest challenge is keeping up with all the IRS regulations and getting everything turned in on time, because there's a penalty if paperwork is late.