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Murphy's Law &fishing

By Staff
Kevin Stone
Franklin County Times
Have you ever heard of Murphy's Law? It's an adage stating that anything that can go wrong will.
Murphy's Law applies in almost every situation, especially fishing. This week I've come up with a few instances of how Murphy's Law can have an effect on the everyday fisherman.
1. If you have ever told your fishing partner that you are sure the drain plug is in because you are in a hurry and forgot to check, then there is a good chance you will hear a bubbling sound when the boat is backed into the water.
2. If there is even the slightest chance of rain, be sure to pack a rain suit and remember to pack both halves, because if you don't it will come as a downpour.
3. If you fishing partner ever says hold on while I ease over it, you may want to speak up and question his decision.
4. When you take a kid fishing for the first time or your wife for the second, do not let them use your favorite lure unless you brought along the pet squirrel to retrieve it.
5. If your fishing partner is catching all the fish, you can bet that he has only one of that lure.
6. Always replace and retie your fishing line often because we all know that new line never breaks.
7. Why is it that my waterproof tackle bag is not waterproof?
8. Am I correct in thinking that the more I pay for a rain suit the less likely it is to leak?
9. Why is it that mud sticks easily to clean shoes and only comes off on boat carpet?
10. Always be sure to go to the bathroom before you leave the boat ramp.
11. Bass that weigh over 10 pounds are always the ones that get away.
12. Expensive lures never get hung up in shallow water.
13. The bass were always biting the day before or the day after you go fishing.
No matter how carefully you plan or how prepared you are Murphy's Law will always show up at the worst possible time. That inspires me to ask another question: Was Murphy a man or a woman? If you think I'm answering that question you've lost your mind. I hope this column has brought some laughter to your Friday and this weekend, take a kid fishing.
Kevin Stone is branch manager and loan officer at Valley State Bank and can be reached at (256) 332-3600.