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Employee spotlight: Amanda Taylor

By Staff
Kim West
Franklin County Times
Name: Amanda Taylor
Hometown: Russellville
High School: Russellville
Position/Employer:Full-time employee, Pilgrim's Place
Family: Engaged to Thomas Dill; 4-year-old son Alex Taylor; parents Charles and Debra Crites; four sisters and two brothers
FCT: What do you enjoy most about your job?
AT: Just working with Melinda and Rickey – they're very nice people. Rickey has even more energy than Melinda, and he goes around singing all the time.
FCT: Who is your most unique customer?
AT: There's a little old lady who comes in almost every night and gets a chicken salad sandwich. When she doesn't come in, we worry about her and we want to call and check in on her.
FCT: What are your best-selling items, and what would you recommend to a new customer?
AT: The barbecue – we might sell 35 pounds in one day. And we sell a lot of chicken salad – tons of it. We might use a gallon to two gallons of chicken salad in one day. I would recommend the chicken salad sandwich because you would probably come back here, and for dessert I would say the Mayflower brownie.
FCT: What is your favorite style of barbecue, and your favorite restaurant?
AT: I don't eat barbecue. I've tried it here, and it's good but I don't eat pork. My favorite food is probably Mexican, and I like Casa Mexicana and Red Lobster.
FCT: What is your dream vacation, and who would you take with you?
AT: Probably a cruise, but I don't know where. I'd take my fiancee, Thomas Dill.
FCT: What are your favorite TV shows and movies?
AT: I like "The Hills" on MTV. I haven't watched a movie in a long time, but my favorite old movie is "Hope Floats.".
FCT: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
AT: Spending time with my little boy and with my family, just hanging around with them.
FCT: What are your long-term plans?
AT: I want to go back to school and get a degree in sociology and become a social worker because I would like to help children who need homes.