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Stalemate part of discipline problem

By By Jerry Fancher
I applaud Representative Johnny Mack Morrow for his column in Wednesday's paper about the discipline problem in our schools. This is a problem that plagues our schools and it needs addressing.
His closing statement said, "Even with all of our efforts, there's never a substitute for strong parenting, and making sure that they teach their children the Golden Rule."
I believe that parental involvement in discipline is the solution to the problem. Unfortunately morality cannot be legislated. The Bible gave us the plan for discipline and it starts with the parents. We have tried to distance the schools from Biblical teachings and we are paying the price.
He supports a bill called Taylor's Law that would delay students getting their drivers license based on a point system for discipline problems at school. He stated that this legislation has been introduced by Senator Denton a few years ago. He added, "It most likely would have passed last year if it had not been for a Stalemate in the Senate."
I believe that passage of the law would help discipline and I support its passage.
I urge Representative Morrow to enlist the help of his fellow House members and pass this bill.
This is his fifth term to serve Franklin County as our Representative. With his experience, he should be able to guide this bill through the House.
This is Senator Bedford's sixth term as our Senator.
I urge him to help end the "Stalemate in the Senate" to push through this bill to benefit our schools.
The citizens of Alabama are expecting our Legislature to produce legislation for our benefit, not tie up good legislation while they babble over their pet projects.
Jerry Fancher is Chairman of the Franklin County Republican Executive Committee. He can be reached via email at