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Langcuster named Citizen of the Year at Farm City banquet

By Staff
Melissa Cason
Franklin County Times
Longtime Russellville resident Cecil Langcuster was honored at the Farm City banquet Thursday night and was selected as the 2007 Citizen of the Year award recipient.
"It was totally unexpected," Langcuster said. "I am very honored that I was selected."
The Russellville Civitan Club nominated Langcuster, who was also this year's Citivan of the Year.
"He is someone who definitely deserves this award," Civitan President Joey Rushing said.
The four Russellville civic clubs make nominations for the award each year. Langcuster was a unanimous selection.
Over the years, Langcuster has served his community in many different ways from serving on the board for the A.W. Todd Centre to serving on the Russellville City Council for several years.
He's also served as a coach, instructor, salesman and is retired military.
"The list [of his contributions] go on and on," Rushing said.
Langcuster has been in the Civitan Club for 11 years and has helped the club with countless projects during that time.
"There couldn't have been a better choice for the award," Rushing said.
And, while Langcuster was totally surprised by the award, his wife Suzanne, and their son, Jim, had been made aware of his award prior to Thursday night's event.
"They [Suzanne and Jim] pulled a good one on me this time," Langcuster joked. "I am real proud of this, and am at a loss for words."