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History repeating itself

By By Melissa Cason
It's been a decade since the blockbuster movie "Titanic" opened in theaters and became the highest grossing movie of all time, passing Star Wars.
I know that Jimmy and I watched the movie in theaters at least three times, and once it hit home video in September 1998, I made sure our home had a copy of the movie. I even pop it in the VCR occasionally when there is nothing on the tube and I have three hours to kill.
When I heard the story of the cruise passengers being rescued from lifeboats in sub-zero temperatures Thursday night after their ship struck an iceberg in the Antarctic Ocean, I couldn't help but think about how strange it is that history often repeats itself-maybe not with the exact course of events but in similar circumstances.
I feel like the events Thursday night were a repeat of the Titanic disaster on a smaller scale with a happier ending.
After hearing the story, I was thankful that we all learned from history.
We might not can keep disaster from striking but we can learn how to deal with it better.
I know many of us complained during history classes or decided that it would be an appropriate time to nap. But, learning about the past is extremely important.
I am thankful that our teachers forced us to learn it by making history lessons interesting.
There is no doubt that the Titanic story helped keep the 150 passengers and crew members aboard the ship alive because of what was learned from our past, and it is certain that proper protocol was followed to ensure passenger safety this time around.
I know that technological advancements were also a major contributing factor in the passengers being rescued from the freezing waters quickly.
Lessons were obviously learned and procedures were developed to ensure safety to provide a positive outcome.
I know all of the 150 people on board are thankful that lessons were learned from the past.