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Photographer marks 24 years in business

By Staff
Kim West
Franklin County Times
RED BAY – Scotty Kennedy has seen it all after 24 years of taking pictures of everything from babies to celebrities.
"In 1990, former Congressman Carl Elliott was given the first Profile in Courage Award by the Kennedy family, and he asked me to come along as a friend and photographer after we had worked together on the Red Bay history book," Kennedy said. "I had the opportunity to meet and photograph several members of the Kennedy family, including Mrs. (Jackie) Onassis."
Kennedy has photographed Red Bay native Tammy Wynette at home with her family and backstage at her concerts, and he was also hired to shoot the wedding of her daughter, Georgette.
Despite his brushes with fame, Kennedy said his local clients are the most important
"I enjoy working with anyone who's cooperative, from a baby to an adult," said Kennedy, who started his business in 1983. "I've done some commercial work for Sunshine Mills and Tiffin Motor Homes, and I've photographed some world-famous people but I look forward to doing good work for every day people because they're the ones who keep my business open."
Kennedy said digital photography has been widely used within the past several years, but he still prefers to work with a medium-format Hasselblad camera, which uses traditional film.
"I'm still a film person – I do a little digital work, but I'm more comfortable with the the film, and I like to think that it allows me to be more creative," he said.
Kennedy described his photography style as blend of traditional and candid shots and said a light approach to taking pictures helps keep clients relaxed.
"I like to have a good time at weddings, and I like to keep everyone happy," Kennedy said. "At weddings, something's going to go wrong, so you just have to stay positive. If the photographer isn't happy, then the people in the wedding aren't going to look happy."
Scotty Kennedy Photography is open from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The studio is closed on Wednesdays, but opens from 8 a.m. until noon on Saturdays. For more information, call 356-8758.