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The Franklin County Sheriff's Department and courthouse security personnel spent time training with the Firearms Training Simulator in Red Bay last week.

By Staff
Franklin County Sheriff Larry Plott said that his department worked specifically on scenarios involving domestic violence and school violence.
"We've been going through scenarios that involve shooters in the schools," Capt. Mark Swindall said.
Swindall said that it's important that all the county officers know how to handle violence in our schools just in case there was to be a situation in our county.
"Yes, we have the Special Response Team, but it takes time to get those involved with the SRT mobilized and on location," Swindall said. "We need to know what to do until the team can get there as well as when they arrive.
National reports are calling 2007 the deadliest year for law enforcement nationwide, which makes firearm training more important than ever, Plott said.
Swindall added that he feels the increased school violence is due to video games and other entertainment involving guns.
"Playing video games or watching movies with a lot violence numbs us to thinking that shooting someone is no big deal," Swindall said.
Officers also spent time with domestic violence scenarios so that they will be prepared when they respond to a domestic call.
"Having this training is very important to our deputies and our office so that they are prepared when they respond to calls," Plott said. "We are very fortunate that this kind of training is offered so close to home."
Swindall added that police officers and deputies train with similar equipment in the academy but because of the expense of the equipment don't get many opportunities to train with it after leaving the academy.
"Training like this is important to further officers' firearms skills after the academy," Swindall said.
The $100,000 equipment is on loan to the Red Bay Police Department from the Alabama Municipal Insurance Company.