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Holiday cheer in your oven

By Staff
Melissa Cason
Whether we like it or not, the Christmas season is here.
I'll be honest. I am not feeling all that cheerful this year. Frankly, if I did not have children, I'd probably skip it this one time.
We usually have our home decked out with Christmas by now, but this year, we barely have the tree up and have only plugged up the lights a few times.
I don't really know what is going to put me in the holiday spirit, but I plan to try out some new recipes this afternoon in an attempt to rekindle the holiday magic.
Baking is always the best medicine for the blues or boredom. Last week, I tried a new recipe given to me by my friend, Suzanne Langcuster. It was for a Red Velvet cake. I called asked for an easy recipe because I am not Betty Crocker.
When the cake was complete, Jimmy said that it was the best he'd ever eaten. Other taste-testers supported him.
While it may be the best Red Velvet ever baked, I am more excited that it turned out good because I have always been told the a Red Velvet is the most difficult recipe to conquer. When the cake was finished, I did feel a little more cheerful about the holidays.
So, today, while you are out shopping, eating lunch or relaxing at home, I will probably be lost in my kitchen baking homemade versions of holiday cheer for myself and others.
I don't really have a knack for cooking complete meals, but I do love to whip up an easy batch of brownies. During the holidays, I always try new and exciting dessert recipes. But, this year I am going to stick to the ones I have already mastered.
I plan to bake another cake, followed by my very own chocolate peppermint cake, and finish it off with cookies. Heck, I may even throw in some homemade candy while I am at it.
The hard part about baking all of this is finding someone hungry enough to eat it. I guess that's why Jimmy and I had kids – so they can help devour the sweets. And, if there is some left by Monday, I plan to share them with my friends.
So, if you are like me and don't feel a jingle in your bells just yet, go into the kitchen and whip up homemade holiday cheer. If it works for me, it'll probably work for you.