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Cozy coffee

By Staff
Local caf/ features new owner, expanded menu
Kim West
Franklin County Times
Melissa Winstead was looking for an opportunity to go back to work when she heard about the sale of the Coffee Bean Caf/, a restaurant primarily known for its coffee and sandwiches.
"I had been at home for 10 years raising my family, but before I was married I did work in interior design," Winstead said. "The restaurant went up for sale in March – I had previously worked jobs in restaurants, and I decided I was ready to go back to work."
Winstead purchased the Coffee Bean Caf/, a restaurant known primarily for its coffee and sandwiches, and has been making gradual changes since then.
"I want to improve the number of clientele and try and offer a relaxing, upscale environment," said Winstead, who also owns and trains horses. "There's a nice ambience in this place because of the plants and music, and it's in an old building."
The Coffee Bean isn't limited to serving only traditional coffee shop fare – the restaurant offers a full breakfast and lunch menu.
"We've expanded our breakfast menu so you can order eggs, bacon, pastries and omelets," Winstead said. "For lunch, we offer deli sandwiches, quesadillas, chips and salsa, homemade soups, salads, many coffee and chocolate drinks and a variety of desserts."
Winstead also sends her daily lunch specials to local businesses for their convenience and to promote her business.
"We fax or e-mail our daily specials to almost 100 businesses, and we can also deliver local orders that are at least $20 for free," she said.
In addition to expanding the food menu and adding a specialty drink menu, Winstead installed free wireless Internet in the caf/ and she also sells a variety of gift items, which include freshly roasted coffee, gift baskets and kudzu baskets.
Winstead has catered several after-hours parties for church groups at the restaurant, and she is considering adding outside catering and starting a Web site.
"We have a good time here – we try and have as much fun as possible while we're working," she said. "I'm just changing things a little at time as far as decorating the restaurant and expanding.
"I like to add local art when I decorate – we sell local photographs here, and I'd like to expand that to arts, crafts and paintings."
Hours of operation for the Coffee Bean Caf/, located at 117 N. Jackson Avenue in downtown Russellville, are 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. For more information, call 332-2233.