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'Wake-up call'

By Staff
Locals take part in nationwide prayer
Melissa Cason
Seven years after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, flags across the county flew at half-staff Thursday.
Special services were held throughout the nation in remembrance of the lives lost that day and the heroism that was found in our local law enforcement, firefighters, rescue and medical personnel.
Franklin County joined the rest of the nation in memory of that tragic day by holding an hour-long prayer service on the steps of the Franklin County Courthouse and at Red Bay City Hall in honor of this day and as part of the Awakening American campaign.
Pastor Mark Fell of the Living Word Church led prayer with a dozen people who attended the service at the courthouse.
"We are praying for our country and our leaders," Fell said. "We are also praying for a revival fire to sweep our nation to bring lost friends and family to the Lord."
Fell said the Awaking America service was scheduled in over 3,000 counties nationwide.
"We felt we needed to have this prayer because 87 percent of Americans call themselves Christians but only 17 percent go to church," Fell said.
The group prayed for local, state and national leaders and voiced their concerns for the upcoming election.
"We are praying about the spiritual condition of the nation," Fell said.
A reported crowd of 15 to 20 people attended the service in Red Bay, which was officiated by Donny Wooten.
According to the Awaken American Web site, the date was chosen to coincide with the Sept. 11 tragedy because that day was a great "wake up call" for our country.
In addition to the prayer service, the Russellville police and fire departments were treated to pizza and cake by a local business in appreciation for their service to the community.