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Cantrell commended for community service

By Staff
A familiar face around the town of Hodges will be missing when the new city council takes office.
The town of Hodges
Raymond Cantrell served on the Hodges governing body for 38 years and was recently recognized by the Alabama League of Municipalities for his years of service.
The council presented him with a plaque Monday night and looked back over Cantrell's years of service.
Over the past 38 years, Hodges has added a park, senior center and an expanded water system.
Though change is inevitable and often necessary in politics, it is refreshing to see someone who the community thinks so highly of that they would elect to so many terms.
Often times it takes change to get things accomplished. Fresh and new ideas are needed to move forward.
Obviously the people of Hodges felt that Cantrell had those ideas for many years, not to say that he still doesn't.
His bid for re-election ultimately came up one vote short and signaled an era of change in Hodges.
Nothing should diminish his role in Hodges' history.