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Chief Executive setting good example

By Staff
As the newly elected administrations settle into their new duties in Russellville, Phil Campbell and Red Bay, we urge our local incoming and outgoing council members to follow the example set by President Bush in preparation for Barack Obama's historic inauguration in January.
While outgoing elected officials may have lost an election or had their terms expire, their knowledge and experience are invaluable tools for the new council members, especially those that are fresh to the political scene and must learn the protocol necessary to run city governments.
Even before the presidential election was decided, Bush, who had a reputation for bipartisanship while he was governor of Texas, formed a team of experienced White House advisers to ensure the transition for the Chief Executive will be as smooth as possible.
Obama and Bush met earlier this week in the Oval Office as per tradition, and their warm meeting and in-depth discussions about the top issues facing our country was a refreshing change from the usually vitriolic Democratic-Republican political climate in Washington D.C.
Now that the elections are over, it is now time for citizens and officials to put aside their differences and work together to improve our local communities.