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Council, school working on relationship

By Staff
Staff Editorial
Over the past two years, Russellville city and school officials have been at odds over the amount of funding the school receives.
Monday night, during the second meeting of the new city council, officials voted to restore more funding to the school system.
It is something that has been a controversial subject since the fall of 2006 when the way funding to the schools was changed.
The issue seemed to die for a period of time and really became a hot topic again this summer during the municipal elections.
Though these are tough times economically for everyone, we hope the city's finances continue to prosper in a way that allows the schools to benefit.
It is also important now that school officials and city leaders move forward together.
It will take a strong working relationship between both bodies for us all to get what we want so badly – the best education possible for the kids of Russellville.
Hopefully, Monday night's actions will go a long way in getting everyone on the same page.
During these tough times, it will take us all working together to accomplish anything.