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RPD starts feedback program

By Staff
Melissa Cason
The Russellville Police Department is taking a new approach to policing as they have begun visiting businesses to get suggestions on how the department can be of service to the businesses.
"Officers go to downtown businesses and businesses on the four lane every couple of weeks to see what their concerns are and find out if they have any complaints," Police Chief Chris Hargett said.
Hargett said the response from the businesses has been good so far, and that they have gotten good, positive feedback.
"We've gotten a lot of good ideas from the visits," Hargett said. "Some would like us to be around more during business hours while others asked us to patrol more often during the time they are closing down," Hargett said.
Hargett said officers will continue to visit the businesses every few weeks to see how things have improve, and to find out better ways to serve them as members of the community.
"We are looking for ways to maximize the services we already offer to the businesses," Hargett said.
The idea for the new program was suggested to the department by Mayor Troy Oliver.
Hargett said they were happy to implement the policy and believes it will be an asset to the department.