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Oliver declares breakfast week in city

By Staff
Melissa Cason
Russellville Mayor Troy Oliver signed a proclamation Thursday declaring the week of March 2 School Breakfast Week in Russellville.
The week in Russellville, named Power up for School Breakfast, coincides with the National School Breakfast Week, which is sponsored by the School Nutrition Association designed to encourage more students to eat a nutritious breakfast at school.
"I think this is a good program," Oliver said. "At least we can make sure children have two good meals per day."
Oliver said he encourages parents to get their children to school in time to eat breakfast if they don't ride the bus.
This year's theme, Power Up for School Breakfast, uses superheroes to bring the message of a good breakfast to the students.
In addition to being offered themed breakfast during the week, they will learn about the health and academic benefits of beginning the day with a nutritious breakfast. The students will participate in the "Design Your Own Superhero" contest during the week.
Child Nutrition Program Coordinator Elaine Vaughn said there will be prized given away during the week at each school, and they will be announced later.
According to research, students who eat a nutritious breakfast each day score better on standardized tests, have fewer health problems, and behave better in class.
Research also indicates that students who skip breakfast rarely make for the missed nutrients later in the day so skipping can also affect after-school activities.
Today's school breakfast includes whole grains found in cereal, cereal bars and bagels as well as fruit and low fat dairy product including milk and yogurt.
The School Nutrition Association launched the National School Breakfast Week in 1989 to raise awareness about the availability of breakfast for all students at school and to draw attention to the link between eating a good breakfast and cognitive growth.