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Hodges looking forward to the future

By Staff
Staff Editorial
The town of Hodges may be the smallest incorporated city in the county, but that doesn't stop its leaders from shooting big.
Town officials will be traveling to Washington D.C. to meet with Congressional leaders and discuss their ideas for the future.
Mayor Ed Crouch said the town has chosen to take a different approach than others while looking to grow. Other towns throughout the area are looking into attracting industries by building industrial parks and spec buildings.
Hodges is currently seeking federal funding that they would use to develop a tourist attraction.
Crouch said the town is looking into developing a $370,000 equestrian trail.
The town has the right-of-way along the old railroad leading from Hodges to Red Bay, as well as land owned by the Bear Creek Development Authority, that would comprise a 42-mile long trail.
"If everything goes accordingly, we could have the longest trail in the state of Alabama," Crouch said.