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Making snowfilled memories

By Staff
Melissa Cason
My boys were excited when they woke up to three inches of snow.
So excited, that our family started our day Sunday at 6 a.m. Jordan and Cameron came into our room and asked for breakfast, but when their dad, Jimmy, told them to look outside at the snow, they quickly changed their minds.
They both ran into their room immediately getting dressed while Jimmy came back to bed. It was early. We could hear them moving around in their room, trying to get dressed. Jordan came in a time or two to ask if he could wear a few items. Cameron came in once.
Suddenly, we heard the commotion stop. We could hear the boys outside our bedroom door.
We heard, "Jordan, wait here, and I'm going to ask if we can go outside."
Then, Cameron barges through our door and said, "Mama, we are going outside to play in the snow. Ok?"
Once the words came out of his mouth, we heard, " Come on Jordan, let's go."
The whole conversation occurred in the matter of only one or two minutes. As we heard the boys trying to get the deadbolt unlocked, Jimmy jumped up to make sure they were dressed. They didn't have coats on and they were wearing short sleeves.
Jimmy let them out once they had on proper winter clothing. He took pictures while they ran and played in the light layer of snow.
After they came inside to watch TV and warm up, the snow started falling more heavily. By 9 a.m., we had a blanket of snow about three inches deep.
We all got dressed at that point and went outside to enjoy the fresh snowfall. But, first I had to take pictures of the undisturbed snow. I took as many photos as possible before the boys came out to 'mess' it up.
Then, we spend about an hour rolling around in the snow, making snow angels and having snowball fights.
As the snow started to melt, they made a snowman-their first ever.
Sunday was the first time, my boys had seen enough snow to play in, and I took about 100 pictures to document the first. It was a magical day for our family.