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Smoke-free bill is essential for good health

By Staff
Lawmakers will be asked to decide if all public places should be smoke free soon in Alabama.
While everyone who smokes has the right to do so, they don't have the right to endanger the lives of others around them in the process.
Smoking is not only dangerous to the smoker, but second-hand smoke is just as dangerous to those exposed to it.
Betty Sibley, a local cancer survivor, developed the kind of cancer caused by smoking, but she did not smoke.
Instead, she got the disease from breathing in second-hand smoke. Sibley had to undergo surgery and radiation treatments because of someone else's actions.
All public places should be smoke free to protect the health of the employees and other patrons of the establishments.
We'd like to encourage everyone to get involved with this issue. Contact your local lawmakers to ask them to support the smoke-free bill for your health and for the ones you love. Make sure your voice is heard in Montgomery when this bill comes up for a vote in the coming weeks.