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RHS students grades now online

By Staff
Jonathan Willis
The days of waiting to see a report card or progress report to find out how a child is doing in school are in the past.
Beginning today, Russellville High School will post grades online and parents will be able to track their child's grades on a daily basis.
Students will be given user names and passwords today to a system that will give parents an almost instant look at how their child is doing.
"It will allow parents to keep an eye on their child's grades and attendance," said Russellville principal Tim Guinn, who was promoted from his assistant principal's position on April 1, a month after Rex Mayfield moved into the central office.
Other schools throughout the state have already put the program into use.
"Muscle Shoals and Florence use it," Guinn said. "We took our time so we could make sure that everything is secure and we have been assured that no one's privacy can be violated. All of the information will remain private."
The high school's website,, will have a link on the left side of the page named "STI Home."
By following that link, user's can find directions as how to use the site and gain access to it.
"As soon as the grades are posted, parents will be able to go and look online to view them," Guinn said.
"Parents will know immediately if their child is struggling in a particular subject or if they have any unexcused absences."
Students who have been receiving written progress reports on a regular basis will continue to get those as in the past.
"I hope the community takes advantage of this and uses it," Guinn said.
"This is a great way to get our parents involved and to help our students."